Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 7th Edition

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Digitization of photographs, radiographs, and cephalometry has radically transformed the practice of clinical orthodontics. This important textbook, widely regarded as the definitive source on radiographic cephalometry, has now been updated and expanded to reflect these emerging technologic innovations. In addition to covering basic principles - including manual tracing techniques, landmark identification, and the traditional cephalometric analyses - this new edition describes the numerous applications of digital radiography, digital radiographic cephalometry, and 3-D cephalometric analysis for enhanced accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis and outcome prediction. Eight completely new chapters have been added on the advantages and drawbacks of 2-D versus 3-D analysis; the use of imaging in treatment planning; the value of electronic storage, analysis, and retrieval of all records; anteroposterior cephalometry; the first 3-D cephalometric analysis; and more. An accompanying CD-ROM containing a reproducible headfilm and templates, both for manual and digital cephalometry, as well as sample video clips is included with every book. This comprehensive text is ideal for both students and experienced professionals who wish to refresh and/or update their understanding of this subject. 


1. The Role of Radiographic Cephalometry in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 

2. Twenty Centuries of Cephalometry 

3. Radiographic Cephalometric Technique 

4. Tracing Technique and Identification of Landmarks 

5. Advantages and Accuracy of Digital Versus Film-Based Cephalometry 

6. Downs Analysis 

7. Steiner Analysis 

8. Ricketts Analysis 

9. Wits Appraisal 

10. McNamara Analysis 

11. Tweed Analysis 

12. The Geometry of Cephalometry 

13. Superimposition of Cephalometric Radiographs 

14. Natural Head Position: The Key to Cephalometry 

15. The Moorrees Mesh Diagram: Proportionate Analysis of the Human Face 

16. Template Analysis 

17. The Proportionate Template 

18. Digital Application of the Proportionate Template 

19. Soft Tissue Evaluation 

20. Digital Imaging in Orthodontics 

21. Cephalometric Imaging in 3-D 

22. Three-Dimensional Cephalometry 

23. Posteroanterior is Cephalometry: Craniofacial Frontal Analysis 

24. How Reliable is Cephalometric Prediction? 

Accompanying CD-ROM 

Manual Tracing Templates and Techniques 

Digital Tracing Templates and Techniques 

Video Clips Demonstrating 3-D Technology

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