Dental Diseases Differential Diagnosis 1st Edition

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This is a fully illustrated book which is designed to help students and practitioners to identify two similar looking diseases at ease and effectively distinguish and diagnose the real disorder with the help of text, tables and coloured pictures. Knowledge of the differential diagnosis expedites the process of reaching a correct diagnosis thus avoiding a lot of suffering to the patient. This is a valuable reference tool for the practitioner and students that helps to understand signs/symptoms, causes of common findings/complaints and differentiating certain diseases that are closely identical. A valuable resource book for graduates, physicians and practitioners. Section 1: Dental Diseases, 1. Morphology of Primary Dentition, 2. Developmental Disturbances of Teeth, 3. Pain, 4. Pulp, 5. Dental Caries, 6. Dental Stains and Discolorations, 7. Gingival Enlargement and its Management, 8. Halitosis, 9. Oral Ulcers, 10. Radiolucencies of Jaw, 11. Diseases of Jaw, 12. Diseases of Salivary Glands , 13. Disorders of Taste , 14. Diseases of Tongue, 15. Diseases of Paranasal Sinuses, 16. Endocrine Disorders affecting Oral Cavity, 17. White and Red Lesions, 18. Benign Neoplasm of Oral Cavity, 19. Malignant Neoplasm of Epithelial Tissue, 20. Sequel of Radiation on Oral Tissues, 21. Chronic Orofacial Nerve Pain, 22. Fever, 23. Cheilitis, 24. Vitamins and Oral Lesions, 25. Oral Manifestations of Bleeding Disorders, 26. Oral Implications of Medication, 27. Oral Changes in Old Age, 28. Syndromes of Oral Cavity, Section 2: Causes of Signs and Symptoms, *Anatomic Periapical Radiolucencies, *Anatomic Radiopacities of Mandible, *Anatomic Radiopacities of Maxilla, *Bad Taste, *Bilateral Parotid and Submandibular Swelling, *Tumors of The JawBenign, *Benign Tumors of Oral Soft Tissues , *Bleeding Gums, *Brown Lesions on Lips, *Burning Sensations in Tongue, *Calculus Formation, *Cutaneous Fistulas and Sinuses, *Cysts of Soft Tissues., *Delayed Tooth Eruption, *Developmental Disturbances affecting, *Developmental Disturbances affecting Teeth, *Diffuse Facial Swelling, *Diseases of Maxillary Sinus, *Taste Disorder, *Disturbances during Formation of Hard Dental Tissue, *Drugs causing Lymphadenopathy, *Dry Mouth, *Yellow Conditions of Oral Mucosa, *Elevated Lesions on Lip, *Exophytic Anatomic Structures, *Salivary Gland Pain, *Facial Nerve Palsy, *Projected Radiopacities of Tooth, *False Periapical Radiopacities, *Nonhemorrhagic Soft Tissue Growth of Oral Cavity, *Flushing of Face, *General Brownish, Bluish or Black Condition, *Generalized Radiopacities, *Generalized Rarefaction of Jaw Bones, *Generalized Red Conditions and Multiple Ulceration, *Gray/Black Oral Pigmentation, *Headache of Dental Origin, *Headache due to Infections, *Intraoral Bleeding, *Persistent Oral Ulcers, *Pits of Oral Cavity, *Intraoral Brownish, Bluish or Black Conditions, *Labial/Buccal Mucosa and Vestibular Lesions, *Intraoral Sinuses and Fistulas, *Intraoral Soft Tissue Swelling, *Cystic Lesions of Jaw, *Giant Cell Lesions of Jaw, *Keratotic White Lesions, *Lesions around Crown of Impacted Tooth, *Midline Lesions of Maxilla, Lesions of Hard Dental Tissues, *Lesions of Lips, *Lesions over Dorsal and Lateral Surfaces of Tongue, SECTION 3: Differentiating Tables, *Acute Herpetic Gingivostomatitis and Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, *Acute Necrotizing Gingivitis and Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis, *Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis and Secondary Stage Syphilis, *ANUG/Desquamative Gingivitis and Chronic Destructive Periodontal Diseases, *Ameloblastoma and Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor, *Syndromes associated with Oral Lesions.

  • 70.20 $ 48.60 $

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