Textbook of Operative Dentistry third Edition

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The Textbook of operative dentistry depicts modern practical guide to operative dentistry, which provides a sound operative outcome through the highest quality of educational illustration and clinical case presentation. The main objectives of the book is to provide various information about tooth nomenclature, structure of teeth, physiology of tooth form, dental caries, cutting instruments, tooth preparation, infection control, pain management, restorations, esthetic dentistry, hypersensitivity, and evidence-based dentistry. All the chapters are provided with standout boxes which will help the reader to have a quick review of the concept. The clinical practice of operative dentistry is ever-evolving as a result of improved understanding of etiology, prevention and management of common dental diseases. The book provides an understanding of the basics of cariology, its prevention and conservative management, and importance of treating the underlying causes of patient’s problems. Recent advances and techniques like minimally intervention dentistry, nanotechnology, lasers, diagnosis of caries and advances in dental materials are discussed in details.

  • 75.60 $

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