First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part II (First Aid Series) 1st Edition

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NBDE Part II-style questions written by dental students who just took the exam

Put the proven First Aid formula to work for you!

Part of the time-tested First Aid review series, First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part II delivers 600+ board-style review questions written by dental students who just took the boards. You will find detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answer options in an easy-to-read format.


  • Table of contents mirrors the NBDE Part II content guidelines and the companion book, First Aid for the NBDE Part II
  • Written for students by students who passed, and reviewed by top faculty
  • 600+ questions focus on must-know material
  • Answer explanations are provided in an easy-to-read manner: answer letter options are always bolded, correct answers are discussed first, and discussions of each distracter explain why incorrect answers are wrong

The content you need to pass the NBDE Part II:

Chapter 1. Pharmacology;Chapter 2. Operative Dentistry and Prosthodontics; Chapter 3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pain Control; Chapter 4. Orthodontics; Chapter 5. Pediatric Dentistry; Chapter 6. Endodontics; Chapter 7. Periodontics;Chapter 8. Radiology;Chapter 9. Pathology; Chapter 10. Patient Management, Public Health, Ethics and Biostatistics

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