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The FRCEM Intermediate SAQ, the premier textbook for candidates writing the FRCEM exams, provides the detailed guidelines and approach needed to effectively manage patients in Emergency situations.

This new edition of the FRCEM Intermediate exam guide is a concise fact rich resource for emergency conditions, using the latest guidelines and combining information from multiple reputable sources; this revised and improved edition is a great companion for the FRCEM Intermediate Exam candidate.

Compared to the successful first FRCEM Intermediate SAQ edition published in April 2017 which was highly rated, this new edition stimulates the reader with visual aids and numerous additional colourful images which prove effective in improving memory retrieval and retention.

Colourful, stimulating and easy to handle, this book is not only the tool you need to face the challenge of preparing for the FRCEM Intermediate and final exams, but can also be adapted for use in daily life as an updated user-friendly reference for practicing Emergency Medicine.

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