Essentials of Internal Medicine 4th

67.50 $

 Contains updated and revised thoroughly the sections on cardiology, nephrology, neurology and respiratory system

• A student-friendly book

• Provides a solid understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases

• Helps in the development of strong clinical approach of common clinical syndromes

• Boosts up your confidence in the management of diseases of various organ systems

• Covers all the aspects of medicine that are pertinent for undergraduate medical students

• Contains simple, lucid approach with many flowcharts and line diagrams depicting all the essential points of internal medicine

• Includes plenty of radiologic images and electrocardiograms for an easy understanding of the concepts

• Adds new chapters on general physical examination and examination of different systems like neurology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, etc.

• Primarily meant for effective and meaningful guidance in theoretical examination on medicine, but also serves as a useful companion in clinical practice.

  • 67.50 $

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