Pharmacotherapy : a Pathophysiologic Approach) 10th Edition

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Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach is written to help you advance the quality of patient care through evidence-based medication therapy derived from sound pharmacotherapeutic principles. The scope of this trusted classic goes beyond drug indications and dosages to include the initial selection, proper administration, and monitoring of drugs. You will find everything you need to provide safe, effective drug therapy across the full range of therapeutic categories.

Presented in full-color, the Tenth Edition is enriched by more than 300 expert contributors, and every chapter has been updated to reflect the latest in evidence-based information and recommendations. This sweeping updates include tables, charts, algorithms, and practice guidelines. This edition is also enhanced by a timely all-new chapter on Travel Health.

Here’s why this is the perfect learning tool for students, patient-focused pharmacists, and other health care providers:

• All chapters have been updated to provide the most current, reliable, and relevant information possible

• Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter

• Clinical Presentation Tables summarize disease signs and symptoms

• Clinical Controversies Boxes examine the complicated issues faced by students and clinicians in providing drug therapy

• Color coded diagnostic flow diagram, treatment algorithms, dosing recommendations, and monitoring approaches clearly distinguish treatment pathways

• Most disease-oriented chapters include updated evidence-based treatment guidelines that often include ratings of the level of evidence to support the key therapeutic approaches

Edition after trusted edition, Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach has been unmatched in its ability to clearly and impartially impart core pathophysiological and therapeutic elements that students and practitioners must be familiar with.

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