pharma guide basic and clinical pharmacology

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Pharma Guide book third edition (Basic and Clinical Pharmacology), it is the last edition of the book still now (2014-2018 edition).

Pharma Guide explaining the basic and clinical pharmacology and contains 13 chapters and it is available with 4 DVDs containing book illustration videos, about 80 hours of continuous explanation.

Pharma Guide fourth edition (Basic, Clinical and Pharmacotherapy), is still not available and we are working it since 2015, and probably available in 2019.

Notes; Pharma Tube (2015 Season) which available now on YouTube are illustration videos from Pharma Guide fourth edition.

Book Contents;

* General Pharmacology

* Autonomic Nervous System

* Autacoids

* Central Nervous System

* Cardiovascular System

* Blood and Inflammation

* Respiratory System

* Gastrointestinal Tract

* Chemotherapy

* Endocrine

* Gynecology

* Liver and Kidney

* Dermatology

* Drug Index

Book Features; 

* Easily illustrated.

* Presented in full color.

* More than 350 review questions.

* Most up-to-date and comprehensive.

* Facilitated drug search by using drug index. 

  • 86.40 $

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